Special Issue on:

MEMS, NEMS and Sensors

Call for Papers

Guest Editor: Zoran Jakšić, ICTM, University of Belgrade, Serbia
E-mail: jaksa@nanosys.ihtm.bg.ac.rs

MICROELECTROMECHANICAL (MEMS) technologies are a versatile set of tools for the fabrication of microelectronic devices and microsystems. They basically represent an extension of the conventional planar microelectronic technologies into the third dimension. Also known as non-planar, microsystem or microfabrication technologies, MEMS technologies use various techniques like surface and bulk micromachining to fabricate complex shapes integrating different functionalities into a single chip. With the development of nanotechnologies, the appearance of novel nanostructured materials and the overall refinement of the available tools, a new class of related devices emerged, NEMS – nanoelectromechanical systems. They brought to a wide variety of functionalities, including those not met in nature, and resulted in a plethora of novel applications.

The fields of interest for the special issue ”MEMS, NEMS and Sensors” are MEMS and NEMS technologies generally, as well as different sensor and detector devices fabricated or enhanced by these technologies. Both theoretical and experimental research articles presenting new, previously unpublished results are solicited. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the underlying physical phenomena, analytical and numerical considerations, device and system design, experimental works related with fabrication and characterization, as well as novel solutions for practical applications in the fields of mechanical, thermal, optical, magnetic, electrical, chemical and biological sensing, etc.


Manuscript preparation and Submission:

Manuscript should be prepared in accordance with the template for “Electronics” journal that can be obtained on http://electronics.etfbl.net/instructions.html. Please, submit your papers in electronic form to els-journal@etf.unibl.org. When submitting the paper, make a note that your paper belongs to the Special Issue devoted to MEMS, NEMS and Sensors.


Important Dates
Submission deadline:
October 30, 2015
Notification about acceptance:
Middle November, 2013
Publication date:
December, 2015

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