Vol. 20, No. 2



Technology-Dependent Optimization of FIR Filters based on Carry-Save Multiplier and 4:2 Compressor unit

Authors: Burhan Khurshid and Roohie Naaz

Telescopic Op-Amp Optimization for MDAC Circuit Design

Authors: Abdelghani Dendouga and Slimane Oussalah

Real Measurements and Evaluation of the Influence of Atmospheric Phenomena on FSO Combined with Modulation Formats

Authors: Jan Latal, Lukas Hajek, Ales Vanderka, Jan Vitasek, Petr Koudelka, Stanislav Hejduk

A Novel SVPWM Algorithm Considering Neutral-Point Potential Balancing for Three-Level NPC Inverter

Authors: Chen Yongchao, Li Yanda, and Zhao Ling

Hardware Implementation of FTC of Induction Machine on FPGA

Authors: S. Boukadida, S. Gdaim and A. Mtibaa

Simulation and performance analysis of Multiple PCS sensors system

Authors: Pawan Whig, Syed Naseem Ahmad and Surinder Kumar

A Novel Purely Active Electronically Controllable Configuration for Simulating Resistance in Floating Form

Authors: Mayank Srivastava and Dinesh Prasad

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